Disable a field

I have a requirement where i need a make a field Read only / Hidden for the role Author alone . Through field dependencies i have set like that .But it is not working . Any idea what might be wrong 


Within Lifecycle
Draft to Approved LifeCycle_QSAS
If Status
                                              Please select                                               Canceled Issue In Approval Under Review Effective Approved Review Approve Obsolete State Draft Superseded State Create Issued                                          
If Role
Analytical Standard Authors
                                              Please select Viewer Approver1 Coordinator Consumer Reviewer Document Change Control Approver Analytical Standard Reviewer Trainee Document Change Control Reviewer Document Control Analytical Standard Approvers Approver Analytical Standard Authors Editor                                          
Dependency Rules
Edition Date
is hidden
Document Under Legal Hold
is read only
I have set same setting for Draft state also .Still it is not working .In Document life cycle security settings Owner and author have edit documents checked . 

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