CLM on iOS: WKWebView Evaluation Version is now available!

The WKWebView evaluation version is now available. We recommend customers and their agencies review all CLM content to determine compatibility with WKWebView.

To install, open this link in a browser on the iPad: https://tinyurl.com/clmeval19r2

This evaluation version forces all CLM content to be rendered with WKWebView by default. To help test content differences and easily switch between WKWebView and UIWebView, a new setting only in this evaluation version is available in iOS Settings -> CLM Eval called “Enable Legacy CLM.” When this setting is disabled (default), all content is rendered in WKWebView. When this setting is enabled, all content is rendered in UIWebView, irrespective of the iOS_Viewer_vod__c field value on Key_Message_vod__c. An app restart is required after toggling this setting.

In the Veeva CRM 19R1 General Release, a new Multichannel setting, Allow Insecure Local File Access, was delivered enabled by default. This setting initiates a local web server on the iPad, allowing Veeva CRM to load local files for CLM content in WKWebView without needing to modify the CLM content. For example, using AJAX in Javascript to load URLs or to GET files. Disabling this setting minimizes security risks, however, no alternatives exist for loading local files in WKWebView. This Multichannel setting is not used by the WKWebView evaluation version because the local web server is always enabled.

Note: This evaluation version is built around the 19R2 Veeva CRM release and works only in Sandbox CRM orgs. Veeva will not accept any bug reports on this evaluation version.

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