Product Metrics Dependency

I have created Product Metrics fields dependency for two picklist values. 

When I try to remove the picklist values (From Values to --None--), it works fine in the Product Metrics page. But It causes an error when I update the value (From Values to --Select--) in the Product Metrics on the My Accounts. 


For the workaround, I have added "None" picklist value for the customer.

Would it be possible  to update the values to none as a scpoe of the Enhancement?




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    Arpad Laczkovszki Official comment

    Hi Yun,

    In order to understand this request to the full extent, could you open a support case please with user details, reproduction steps and screenshots of where exactly do you see this issue within My Accounts? I'd like to make sure we don't miss any information in order to help you the best way possible.



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    Mathieu Dessers

    Hi Arpad,

    What is the latest status on this enhancement? 

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    Arpad Laczkovszki

    Hi Mathieu,

    There was no case logged at the end for this post, in case you are seeing the same behavior, please log a support ticket with the details, so we can investigate.



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