Bulk Document Role update API Issue

I am getting below error when try to update Bulk Document Sharing setting using Postman Runner. 

"type": "INVALID_DATA",
"message": "docIds cannot be empty or null."

API - /api/v18.2/objects/documents/roles/batch

uploaded .csv file in runner. 




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    John Tanner Official comment

    Hi Venkatachalam,

    Having tried this in Postman Collection Runner, the .csv file which gets uploaded is used to stored details of the records being processed, rather than as an input to the API request. Runner iterates through each row in the .csv file, executing the request (in this case /api/{version}/objects/documents/roles/batch) once per row, which wouldn't be recommended as it wouldn't be using bulk processing. Using this approach it would be necessary to use a pre-request script to populate the request body parameters using a special data variable (i.e. data.id or data["approver__v.groups"]), which can only use one rows data at time resulting in the API being called repeatedly.

    To ensure bulk processing is used from within Postman it would instead be better to place the .csv file contents within the requests raw text field and manually send the data, e.g.:





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