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I have a requirement where i need to clear meta data field values for certain field from approved state when i click " Create Draft " . To achieve this i am using the following code . But it is not working out . Can any body help me why it is not working . 

Note  : Few fields are read only in Draft state

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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hello Arun,

    Create Draft creates a new version of the document. Currently, Entry Actions are not triggered on the initial state of a version. If a version 0.1 started in Draft moved to in Review and then Back to draft still as version 0.1 then the Draft state entry actions would apply.

    Vault Entry Actions Knowledge Article: Initial State


    There is a feature in 19R1 for Document Event Actions that will support new draft actions.

    Vault 19R1 What's New: Event Actions on Document Lifecycles.



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