Document Usage with more detailed activity type


I was using the Document Usage related with User information.

We would like to join up to three objects to report

Usage, User + workflow

Otherwise be able to report on activity type by country but detailing in a more granular level providing more detail like "workflow verdict" or "annotate".

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    Graham G

    Hi Martin - thanks for the product suggestion. We have a feature coming in 19R3 which could possibly help you join Workflows with other objects, but I would like to learn more about your use case. Are you hoping to see all the workflows associated with the document in the document usage record? What would you like to do with this information? 

    Thanks! Graham

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    Martin Gomez

    Hi Graham. Thanks for the quick reply.
    We are trying to better understand what our users are doing in the application.

    That is more like "are they providing annotations?" "are they uploading content/triggering integrations?"
    "are they creating reports?" etc.
    this could help us to better classify user types and ensure that we provide the right level of access to the application.

    Currently the Usage reports allow to do this type of report



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    Graham G

    Thanks Martin - that makes sense.

    We may not be able to add this data to the document usage object, but you should be able to create other reports which return some of this information. For example, we will be introducing a Document with User report in the next few releases based on the Created By field. This will allow you to better understand which users are creating content (grouping on User attributes). Using the Activity with User report, you can track which users are completing tasks today. 

    Annotations and report creation is a little tougher currently, and we will keep it in mind for future enhancements.

    Thanks, Graham

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