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Users & Groups limitations




  • Official comment
    Aaron E

    Hello Radoslaw,

    There aren't any planned enhancements that I am aware of.  I'm moving this post the the Product Suggestions section for the Product Manager's consideration.


    Kind regards,


  • Jean Christophe Meriaux

    Thanks Radoslaw for your feedback - we'll take your input in consideration for future enhancements,

    I assume you are talking about the user object as exposed in the Vault Object layout (Business admin or Custom tab), and not the legacy users management UI (under Admin > Users & Groups),

    Regarding of the user object itself (introduced in 18R1), 

    * You can use most of the Vault Object capabilities:  ability to expose Users in a Custom Tab with facetted search, Bulk action, layout customization, Reporting, security etc.

    As you pointed out, there are at this stage certain limitations due to the nature of the user object, among these: 
    - you cannot create a mandatory custom field on the user object. 
    - Profile not marked "mandatory" in the UI (for reasons due with legacy API behavior),

    Regarding groups, there is no work planned at this stage to transition it to the Vault Object framework. Starting from 18R3 you can however report on user and group membership in Reporting.


    Jean-Christophe Meriaux
    Product Management Vault Platform



  • Radoslaw Nocon

    Hi Jean-Christophe,

    Correct, we do have User Object exposed with many extra fields for better reporting. I am just wondering if there is any plans to allow joining Groups to such object or make Groups a custom object? This limitation right now is forcing us to use custom object to fill up the users' data and system one to add groups to it :-(

    Thank you so much,


  • Radoslaw Nocon

    Are there any plans for future enhancements in regards to User Object? And when?

    Much appreciate for help.



  • Jean Christophe Meriaux

    HI Radoslaw.

    There is no plan at this stage to turn user groups into a VOF object, but  as of now, you can query group / user group assignment (group membership) with VQL and with Vault Reporting.

    We do have plans to enhance the user object. For instance we are introducing in the short future  a new "pending state" for users (cannot log in this state), that will allow to set up user access and delay sending the Welcome email (until the user record reaches an "activated" state),

    Could you elaborate on  your use cases  / needs  ? 

    Thanks ! - Jean-Christophe


  • Radoslaw Nocon

    Hi Jean Christophe,

    Thank you so much for your comments. Pity for us, we would have to use both forms.Current system object Users&Groups have limitations. So we buit a custom object exposed on Business Admin section, on which we have added lots of field like Bussines Function, Site, Division, Department and many more. We also could align the pagelayout for our Business Administrators so they manage adding new users. These new fields allowed us to better understand whom we have in system by enhacing the reporting side. The problem is that, when BA creates user he/she cannot add users into Groups from there which cause our Business Admins burden going into Users&Groups and lookup for same created user and adding him into proper groups. Also there are few 'locked' fields like Security Profile or Security Policy that seem to be not editable in 100%, we would like this fields to be mandatory on our newly form but for some reason it is greyed-out option. Ideally we would like have full rights for all fields and Groups to be present and editable on the new form added as new section on page layout, but I guess that might require it to be customized.

    Many thanks for help! Much appreciate!





  • Jean Christophe Meriaux

    Thanks Radoslaw for your feedback!

    We do plan to provide the ability to assign groups from a unified VOF / user object UI.

    This should allow you to use one UI  to not only access custom attributes on the user object, but also do group assignment.

    This will happen most likely in 20R1 so you won't get it right away but we keep this quite high in our priority list,

    Thanks! - JC 

  • Radoslaw Nocon

    Thank you so much!



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