Vault Loader - Simulation Mode

Would it be possible to create a Vault Loader simulation mode that would allow us to test a .csv file without actually loading the data? When we have a failure, we often have to back out the changes, update the .csv, and then attempt the load again.

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    Leo Lau Official comment

    Hi Joe,

    First of all, thanks for the product suggestion. I have a preview feature in the backlog but nothing as elaborate as a simulation mode. It does sound like a very interesting idea but there are many intricacies that come along with it like interdependencies among records and record triggers. I will keep this concept in mind as I plan out the product roadmap and feature backlog.

    In meantime, instead of backing out the changes then updating the CSV, you can leave the records that were successful and modified the records directly in the failure CSV file then submit that file for re-processing. This can be an easier approach in certain scenarios than backing out all the changes.



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