RIM Dashboard: Timelines

Given the multiple "date" fields in submissions (eg planned, actual submission date) and content planning, it would be useful if there were a reporting/dashboard option that creates a timeline where these features can be displayed and grouped by different categorical variables. This would benefit a number of functions within the company and would be a significant improvement over the current, closest option of creating a column graph with limited formatting options.


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    Graham G

    Hi Andrew - thanks for the product suggestion. This sounds like an interesting one. Do you happen to have an example of what your ideal timeline view would look like?

    Thanks, Graham

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    Andrew Hertsenberg

    Hi Graham, 

    Thanks for your response. I imagine something like the included image but I'm absolutely open to ideas from others. Key features I would be interested in are: 1) grouping by product and/or application, 2) submission name present next to the icon 3) more information (eg X days until, product/application, planned date, etc...) becomes visible when the user hovers over the icon, 4) customizing the time frame of the timeline (eg zooming into a specific week, month, quarter, year).

    It'd be really nice to have a graphical representation of the submission date information attached to submission records. This is really useful when we are looking ahead at what is coming this week, month, quarter, year, etc...






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    Graham G

    Thanks for the detail Andrew - this is very helpful. We will keep it in mind for future releases. 

    Regards, Graham

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