Allow to create field dependencies on standard fields


Currently we have "CLM Content" as a standard field and it controls CLM fields such as "CRM Org" that are a picklist based on country.

We would like to add a few field dependencies so that "CLM Content" is only visible to countries where the Veeva Vault to Veeva CRM integration is set but we ran into the issue that "CLM Content" is a standard field and you cannot add field dependencies to it.

so my request is to be able to create field dependencies based on standard fields.

(also it would be even nicer to create based on more than one condition).




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    Manaphan Huntrakoon Official comment

    Thank you for the suggestion, Martin.  We will look into being able to provide this capability to a subset of our standard fields in a future release.

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    Hironmay Basu

    Dependencies will be available for Object Picklist fields starting 19R2. 

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