SubArchive Add Application Level Filters; currently a single select by application_identifier

Product Enhancement Request to the SubsArchive Viewer: Add Application Level Filters.

Currently to navigate within the Archive Viewer, an individual has to know the ‘application id’ of interest and can only pick one at a time. It would be nice to be able to navigate within the Archive Viewer across Clinical Trial Applications/Authorisations within a particular Region or Health Authority without having to navigate back to the Application Page View, scroll/click, select and then right click to View Final Dossier to bring the individual back into Archive Viewer.



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    Uri Reich Official comment



    Thanks for the suggestion. Currently, the viewer depends on the selection of the application id in the application selector on the top left corner of the page. A user does not need to go back to the Application Page View, he/she can find the applications directly in the viewer using the binoculars in the application selector, which then open up the search dialog window where applications can be filtered by any attribute. I've highlighted these below, hopefully they help.









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