add Vault reports and audit logs as data connections in analytics tools

We have been asked to do analytics on behavior within Vault. To do this now, we download custom reports and audit logs and load them into analytics tools. The data needs to be update manually twice per week, and this is for very basic activity.

Analytics tools from Excel Power Query up to Azure analytics allow for Data Connections to automate this retrieval, but we don't see a way to do this to Vault. 

The account consulting team suggested that we make a product enhancement suggestion

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    Graham G

    Hi Tyler - thanks for posting your suggestion. I have added two links below which might help. The first describes the Vault Query Language, a SQL like language that all reports are built on top of. The second is our audit trail API documentation. These should allow you to access the datasets you are interested in programmatically, though I am not sure if they are supported Data Connections.  



    What type of behavior analysis are you trying to do?

    Thanks, Graham

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