Align 19R1.3 Sandbox Upgrade (191.3.1) is delivered to Sandbox Orgs April 5th, 2019

This is to confirm the Align 19R1.3 sandbox upgrade (191.3.1) is delivered to sandbox orgs today.


Production upgrades are scheduled for Friday evening, April 12th, 2019, PST.


What's new in Align 19R1.3?

MCCP Feedback Cloning:

When cloning a previous cycle plan, customers now have the ability to re-apply feedback from the previous cycle. This saves reps time by automatically including previously-approved changes, such as manually-added target assignments and changes to call frequency. Admins have the option to ignore previous feedback for an account when a segment change occurs.


Geography Object

The Geography Object in Align allows customers to manage data at the postal code or brick level, such as sales data, call volume, or index scores.


MCCP Child Account Support

Align’s targeting engine now supports the child account model for MCCPs. This allows customers to create location-specific targets for HCPs that work at multiple HCOs.

Addresses in Targeting Feedback

Align now makes it easier to identify an account during feedback by displaying all addresses on the Account card view.


Territory Metrics in the Assignment Preview

Align now allows you to preview your territory metrics while running an assignment preview. This allows Align admins to more easily understand the impact of a change before committing it.

Detailed instructions for settings required to fully enable these can be found in Veeva Align 19R1.3 Release Notes.


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