Ability to automate logs extraction

Hi. We are using document history logs in order to analyze Vault usage.


is there a way to automate logs extraction (like with an API or schedule like a flash report)? 
It could be useful to put that content into FTP so that it can be queried afterward with tableau and show trends.




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    Andy Han Official comment

    Hi Martin,


    You can use the Audit Log API to automate this process.  For Document activity, you can retrieve an export of the Document Activity Audit.  Details can be found in the Developer Portal at https://developer.veevavault.com/api/19.1/#logs.



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    Graham G

    Hi Martin - here is the documentation on our audit API. Let me know if you have questions.


    Regards, Graham

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    Martin Gomez

    Hi Andy.

    I did not know of this. Thank you very much



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