Creating a business account on iPad


Do we have the option to enable creation of business account on iPad. Currently users have to go online ->account details and then use the 'New Business Contact' button.





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    Tamas Nyitrai

    Hi Vish,


    You should be able to create business accounts from the My Accounts page, just like when you would create a Person Account. Please see a screenshot taken from my Sandbox org below as an example:


    As you can see, I can choose business accounts as well (Institution, Hospital, Hospital Department, etc.). It does not need any special configuration apart from the usual ones (Record Type access, Edit Field-level Security for the Mobile ID field on the Account object, Create Permission for the Account object).


    I would like to suggest checking the documentation on the New Account Wizard and the Parent Account Wizard features as well:

    - New Account Wizard

    - Parent Account Wizard


    Please let us know if you have any further questions on this.


    Best regards,


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