Get report of undelivered notifications


Sometimes Vault sends notifications to users who are no longer active or are bouncing emails. We would like to be able to track when an email has been sent from Vault and it bounced back.

We know that we can send them to all an email to test, but sending to everyone could be a bit disruptive.

Is there a way to do this with a report in Veeva?

can this be in the roadmap?



best regards



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    Graham G

    Hi Martin - thanks for the feature suggestion - we will take it under consideration. The best we can do today I believe is creating a report on the User object and filtering for the users that are inactive using the Status field. Does that help?

    Thanks, Graham

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    Martin Gomez

    Hi Graham.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    But this way how can we know if they bounce emails? They could have an inactive user in Veeva Promomats but still work in the company in another area (therefore not bouncing emails).

    We deactivate users for many reasons, they could leave the company (we would get bouncing emails) or they could keep working for the company but have requested to deactivate their account.

    We have had situations where pieces should have been expired and the person left the company.

    thank you

    Best regards


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    Graham G

    Hi Martin - good point, I don't think Vault's reports can help yet with the scenario you described. Thanks for providing the details.

    Regards, Graham

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