Legacy Cycle Plan: freeze Pane

In cycle plan target table, Request to freeze the panels of top row and first 4-5 columns so that it's easier to view the data at the bottom or towards the right.
Right now, if we scroll to the right, we loose HCP information because of too many brands. If we scroll to the bottom, we loose the table headers because of too many HCPs.


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    Michael Goulart Official comment

    Hi Sunny,

    Thank you for posting on the Veeva CRM Product Suggestions community.  This request makes sense to me and we will take it under consideration.

    One question for you: are your users typically accessing this table from the link on the widget of CRM on iPad?  Or are they accessing this table directly from a laptop browser with CRM Online?



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    Sunny Tran

    Hi Michael,

    Users are accessing the table from laptop browser with CRM Online most of the time.


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