Updating Contributor's Organzation for up-versioned docs

Currently the Contributor's Organization field for a doc is not updated accordingly when the doc is up-versioned, as demonstrated when the new version creator is from a different Organization. Is it because the "Created By" field is always associated with the v0.1 creator even for all advanced versions?

The system should update the "Created By" field to the latest version creator, and also the Organization name associated with the new version creator.


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    Sean Liu

    Since I don't get your feedback yet, I put a related request here: we would like to have a new field added to the Doc metadata info section: "Version Created by", and its associated Contributor's Organization.  Please advise.  Thank you!

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    Adam McMillan

    Hello, sorry for the delayed response

    There actually already are fields for Version Created By and Version Created Date:

    However they are not show on the doc info page. You can see them when opening up the version history page (you can add them as columns)

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    Sean Liu

    That is not sufficient for our tracking purpose. What we want is the field "Version Created by" and the associated "Contributor's Org" in the Doc metadata Information panel.Please confirm. Thank you, Adam.


    New comment on 5/15/19:

    Alternatively, on the Version History report as shown in your screenshot, can we at least ask for a new column to display the person's email or the Contributor's Organization?


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