Allow API update of Security Policies

Security Policies are often used to allow integration authentication and are environment specific. When creating new test environments it is a difficult and time consuming to have a domain admin go update the relevant security policy and assign users manually every time.


This is particularly problematic when using Salesforce Delegated Auth and a Salesforce DX development model.


We would like a way to script connecting our Salesforce sandboxes to our test Vault quickly and easily by the developers without needing a domain admin to manually do it every time.


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    Igor Tsives

    Hi Kai,

    Could you please clarify the problem? Is this about assigning users to Security Policies or creating/configuring new/existing Security Policies? 


    Igor Tisves

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    Kai Amundsen

    Creating/configuring new/existing security policies. Ideally both. The main need is to be able to update the SF Org ID on existing security policies through some sort of automated means/process.

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