FTP requires TLS 1.2 starting in 19R2

In order to align with industry best practices for security and data integrity, Veeva CRM will require TLS 1.2 for all FTP connections beginning with the 19R2 release scheduled for August 2019. Incoming FTP connections using TLS 1.1 or earlier will not be accepted.

Action is required prior to the Veeva CRM 19R2 release to prevent any disruptions to FTP activity for CLM, MyInsights Fixed Reports (Sales Data), or Nitro.

For users manually uploading files using an FTP client, follow the instructions provided by the FTP client to configure it to use explicit TLS.

Example configuration changes:

  • For customers using Filezilla as their client, select “Required explicit FTP over TLS” from the Encryption drop down list.
  • You can also add the ftpes:// prefix to the host location (ftpes://ftp05.veevacrm.com).

For any integrations using FTP, ensure TLS 1.2 encryption protocols are enabled in those integrations.

Using TLS 1.2 is already supported with the existing FTP infrastructure. We recommend not waiting until the Veeva CRM 19R2 release to implement these changes.


Separately, Salesforce also recently announced they will require TLS 1.2 beginning in September 2019.  Please see this knowledge article for more information.


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