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We are currently working on Veeva MyInsights functionality for our Pharmaceutical client. We are reaching out to this group to understand if anyone knows better way of debugging the JS and CSS code, since currently the only option we see is using HTML/JS alert to check if the code is running as expected in iPad. Is there any other way to debug it within the browser rather than viewing the results in iRep?


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    Erta Muca Official comment

    Hi Subasrilekha,

    Are you already using the Web Inspector on the Safari Browser Development Menu from your desktop? If not, you can connect your iPad to a desktop and then open the Web Inspector to see the JS requests running. 

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    Hi Erta, 


    We tried and it didn't help. Can you please give detailed instruction on the same?

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    Erta Muca

    Hi Subasrilekha,

    If this is not working for you in the regular Safari version, I would recommend to try the Technology Preview Version of Safari: https://developer.apple.com/safari/technology-preview/. Then look at the device connected under the Develop menu option. 

    Other options to try to debug:

    - Use iOS Application simulator if you have access to one.

    - Use one of the Online Browsers by configuring the HTML report in one of the Online Entry Points. Instructions to enable an entry point for the Online browser are on this page: https://crmhelp.veeva.com/doc/Content/CRM_topics/Accounts/Account_Planning_and_Execution/AccessingMyInsightsfromAccounts.htm.







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    David Carnicer


    Is this option still available? I'm trying to debug using Safari Developer Preview inspector but only the pages on mobile Safari show up, but not Veeva.

    Is there any other configuration needed?

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