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Currently, the rotate clockwise button when viewing a document only applies to one page.  I'd like to request an additional button or feature to rotate "all" pages in a document.  This will save time for the end-user. 

Also, to add another step, if there is a way for Vault to "remember" the rotations after it has been completed, then this would save time for the next individual viewing the document

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    Jim McGough Official comment

    Hi Colin,

    Re. making a page-rotation "sticky" (saved and re-applied) for a given user: We don't have plans to implement that at this time, due to a concern that this might introduce an issue during review and approval, in that each reviewer would see a "different" orientation for each page, creating an inconsistent reviewer experience. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about the validity of this concern.

    Re. rotate-all-pages function: I understand the convenience value of this feature, but the complexity of implementation is significant. We currently don't have any plans to implement this in the short term. 

    I've noted your requests in our Feature Request system and will get back to you if either enhancement gets implemented.


    - jim

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