Visualforce error on TSF edition due to an existing Salesforce limitation


Currently, we have a problem regarding the behavior of a TSF modification. When we connect with some users and try to edit the TSF on one account, we can see there are two options to update the prefer account (you can see opening the file Error_TSF_1.jpg attached to the mail) :

one line is empty and the other filled.

The value seems empty but it’s actually not empty.

The empty value is the value of the parent account « CABINET MEDICAL » that the user cannot access because she doesn’t have the access to the territory of this account.

We opened the ticket (ID = 470289) to support veeva.

They answered us that the display of the empty value is due to an existing Salesforce limitation, it is a product defect of veeva.

The gave us a workaround : deactivate the "Disable Call Location None"  so users can select the value "None" in the preferred location, but this workaround does not help us, because if we apply it, there will some impacts on the reports related to calls. The preferred adress depend of preferred location.

Can veeva fix this problem?

Best regards

Mathias Kpoghomou


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