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Document Search function in Document change control




  • Ansoo Kim

    Hi Veeva Team,


    Not only this case, reference document in object are showing only document name in the object search screen.

    But, in our company, document numbering is only unique field and name could be duplicated.

  • Manaphan Huntrakoon

    Hi Ansoo,

    Can you clarify your request when attempting to search from the Document Change Control page?  Are you entering the document number and the results are not being returned per expectation?  Can you please provide more details regarding your document number, what string you are entering into the search, and the results that are being returned?  I did some checks in my own test environment and I was able to successfully search by document number so I would need more details on your use case.

    As for your follow-up question, from which object are you trying to search for a document?  Have you tried to use the advanced search (clicking on the binoculars) and searching by the document number?  Alternatively, you can also enter the document number when selecting a document in a document reference field from an object.


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