Function of leverage existing document number in new created documents

Hi There,

I`m Ansoo from Samsung biologics. To make the strict and intuitive document relationship, we want to use the existing document number for newly created documents. Like, parent document has ABC-0001, then when create child document, we want to leverage parent document number and add sequential numbering, 'ABC-0001.childXX(XX is sequential)'.

This is very useful to track the related documents at one view and end users can easily find the related documents. (for example, procedure document and related forms)


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    Adam McMillan

    Hello Ansoo

    This sounds very much like a functionality I had in the old product I managed. But when migrating users to Veeva Vault, where this inherited doc number functionality is not included by default, we encourage configurations to think about it a little differently.

    The document number is unique to the document. That should remain unchanged.

    However I know of a couple of professional services implementations where a secondary "Parent Document Number" field (or something similar, like a "Group ID") was implemented, for the exact purposes of tracking a set of documents through the system. This may be made even more powerful by a feature I'm hoping to implement early next year: expression based formula fields (Vault Objects have these field types today, but Documents do not).

    Alternatively, grouping documents together in a Binder can be a great way to track a collection of materials.

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    Roy Gazdar

    Hi Adam,

    I have a similar request

    Forms – I wanted to name the forms from the nomenclature of the SOP it pertains to i.e. an SOP's numbering is "SEC-005" and has a form associated to which I want it named "F-SEC-005-1" . is this possible? Will expression builder be able to do this and if so when will it be released?



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    Ansoo Kim

    Hi Adam,


    Just for let you know, We are still looking forward to this function in our Vault. Was there any similiar function release in this year?

    Number of document keep increasing and document relationships are more complex than before. If one user want to find the one document rely on relationship, it`s still hard work to them. (Sooo much click click and click again)

    Using binder was not a good way in our case, because the binder and relationship are totally manual job and there were so many mistakes on end user side. Some document were missing document linkage for a while, by user miskate.

    And I want to share this case as a good sample.

    Family members can prove they are family without any official document. Because they look like them with their face. It`s very natural. Thus, we don`t want any additional document like binder and linkage to make a relationship between parent document and child document.

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    Adam McMillan

    Without getting too philosophical, doppelgängers do indeed exist, and whilst you can just take someone's word for it that they are related, that would not be sufficient evidence in a highly regulated environment, such as a border patrol or medical visit. In any case, I enjoyed that metaphor!

    I agree that binders would be too clunky for your use case, and unfortunately we've still yet to implement Formula Fields for documents.

    Do you have a vault where you can test new configurations? It might be a good idea to try and configure this between two object records (because Objects today do have formula fields), just to see if the formula fields idea makes sense, and see if you can search for items the way you want to.

    I honestly still think the Group Number concept is worth exploring, however that's something to work with your product manager/CSM on. I'm on the platform side, so I don't have the specifics about your exact business case.

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