PDF Portfolio documents doesn’t render in Vault

PDF Portfolio does not render in Veeva. PDF Portfolio seems to be using flash technology and Vault doesn’t support this feature.

Business requirement: Most of the client’s correspondence documents contain PDF attachments. They use the “paper clip” to attach a related file to the correspondence. For example, suppose the FDA sends an email and includes an attachment. Our client will PDF the email, and include the attachment using the paper clip.

Though the Viewable Rendition can be downloaded and may be at the back-end it is being rendered, the Rendition doesn’t display in the Vault Viewer. It would be helpful if the contents of document displays.

Please let me know if you need any further information to move forward for enhancement.


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    Jim McGough Official comment

    Hi Jenish,

    I will investigate the "paper clip" function in Acrobat and try to understand exactly where and why the rendition and display limit in Vault exists. I would like to come back to you with follow-up comments or questions, if that's OK.

    - jim

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    Jenish Katuwal

    Yes, that's fine.

    Just as additional information, here is the screenshot of file which when uploaded to Vault, file contents doesn't display. However, we can download its Viewable Rendition.

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    Kieran Alcumbrac

    Hi Jim,

    We are also having same issue.  Can you please provide update?  This last comment was from July 2019.





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