Ability to Report on Attachments

We are requesting a feature - to be able to report on attachments on documents. Ex - we would like to build a report to show documents that DO have Attachments uploaded to them.


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    Mette Wagner Kristiansen

    This type of report would also be useful for our organisation. you have my vote.

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    Graham G

    Hi Casey and Mette - thanks for letting us know this enhancement would be useful for you. This feature is under consideration, and I have added you to the list of interested parties.

    Regards, Graham

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    Ananya-Kumar Sahoo

    Yes it will be great if we can also have attachment names or numbers.

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    Deepak Kumar

    This would be absolutely loved by our Customer. I hate to say to them that you can attach documents but there is no way for them to run a report on it.

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    Kelsey Edwards

    I'd like to add my company's support behind this enhancement request.

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