Ability to capture signature from a browser session

Please provide an option to configure signature capture page from browser session as well, similar to how users can capture HCP signature on a MIRF page from Veeva CRM app on offline devices?

We have a team of home office users who will be creating MIRFs. Per our regulatory requirement, all MIRFs should have HCP signature which is currently possible only through Veeva CRM app on iPads or Windows device. This home office team cannot use Veeva CRM app as they are on the top node of the hierarchy with access to over 150K Accounts. Syncing all these accounts using Veeva CRM app would take forever and at times would result in sync failure. To overcome this issue, we would like to configure signature capture page directly on the online/browser session. This would allow users to capture HCP signatures from browser session itself.

Thank you,

Sushil Chintala.


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