Exclude Words from Advanced Search

Currently, when doing an advanced search you can search for:
"Any of these words" OR
"All of these words"
What we would like to have is an option to exclude some words during a search, see screenshot attached. An option would be to add a field with a drop down list of search options and the free type field to add the words.  Similar to the Search by user fields.
E.g. the drop down could include the options:
"Any of these words"
"All of these words"
"Exclude these words" or "None of these words"


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    Jonathan Chickneas Official comment

    Hi Nehal,

    Thanks for the suggestion. This request has come up before so we have been tracking it as a future enhancement, but don't have a specific time-frame to share with you. We agree that it would be a useful search tool so I would anticipate seeing it in Vault at some point.

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    Kirsten Moe

    UCB has requested this before as well, but I'm not sure if our vote has been formally recorded. Plus one!

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