Include Calculation from CLM Presentation in approved email

We are frequently asked to include the results of a dynamic calculation within a CLM presentation in an approved email. An example of this would be a budget impact model where the HCP is able to adjust patient numbers etc.

Currently the only way we can do this is to set up a custom field and store the results as HTML which is then pulled into an approved email using a token for the field - but most of our clients do not want to use a custom field.

I'm not sure what the ideal solution would be for this but unfortunately we always end up recommending a product other than Veeva......would be great if we could do this within Veeva.


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    Nishant Bafna Official comment


    Why do your customers not want to use a custom field? They dont have to add it to any page layout, so the end users will never see it. Would you be able to share the name of the customers?

    Which product are you recommending?



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    The Purple Agency

    I would do that but regrettably global have dictated no custom fields - we are finding that problem with the majority of clients these days.

    Currently I am investigating whether I can do anything with a survey...

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    Sahariar Hannan


    We have the same issue. client requirement is to calculate data from CLM presentation and pass the result into Approved email. 

    We are able to get the Approved Email HTML field data but not able to change or update. If there any code in the library to update the existing Approved email field data please let us know.



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