Doc type/sub/type- metadata

Does anyone one have a good example of doc type- sub-type- classification default meta data examples

When you select a doc sub type you only get the custom metadata fields that are applicable to that type/subtype (not the base- custom)

Anyone have a good example of how you determined your metadata so as not to be repetive

I have users who want what I consider the heirarchal doc type to have different metadata for each type

it can get carried away and I want to streamline


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    Aaron E Official comment

    Hello Monica,

    Is is possible to give a sample of what you are expecting for this? Are you asking how Product decided which fields are on which document type level already or for configuration going forward?

    For current configuration there is a Show inherited fields setting that can be toggled. 


    Kind regards,



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    Olivier Melis

    Hi Monica, in which Vault are you in?

    It is possible, we have it set up in our environment as followed:

    We use Reference Models to build our classification (etmf, GMP for example)

    Fields are assigned in Base Document or Shared Fields, some might be subtype/classificaion specific.  In the back end, this is managed via Configuration /Document Fields

    Some fields have even specific values depending on the classification (managed via Configration / Field Dependencies)

    The use of Field Dependencies can also be used to managed fields that are in the Base Documents but need to have a specific rule per type/subtype/classification.


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