Ability to have drop down/account view of My MCCP Targets on My Schedule Page

A sales rep recently asked if the below was possible, as it would help them execute their call plans more effectively. 


It would be extremely helpful to have a drop down list/account view of all (my plan) targets on the (my schedule) page of Veeva. That way we as reps could insure we’re able to easily sort and slide targets into out call plan on a daily/weekly basis

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    Sherin Varghese Official comment

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the feedback! This isn't something we currently have on the roadmap but we will take this into consideration.

    Quick follow up question -- has the sales rep tried to use the "Filter" and "Saved Filter" (also known as "Bookmark") features for My Schedule? This feature will allow them to filter the Account views/lists by MCCP plans and attributes. If the there's a specific MCCP Plan/attribute combination that is helpful and will be reused, that filter combination can be saved and the "Saved Filter" feature will allow for quick application of the filter the next time around.

    If the rep does use this, is there a need that the Filter feature is not meeting that "MCCP Plans in dropdown Account views/lists" would meet?

    Thanks again!

    - Sherin

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