Approved Email from MyInsights report

We would like to create a MyInsight report for the user to send Approved Emails.

Smart Linking seems to permit this (if appropriate permissions are provided)


But we can't find any function in the MyInsights API, nor any example code.

How do we launch Approved Email from a MyInsights Report?
We would like to do this from a Territory Report, is this possible?
Can we launch Approved Email from a Territory Report with many Accounts selected?


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    Erta Muca Official comment


    Thank you for posting in the community. To implement Smart Linking for opening Approved Email from MyInsights, refer to the newRecord() method that is posted on the Developer Portal: https://developer.veevacrm.com/api/MyInsightsLibrary/#queryrecord-queryconfig. 

    For Approved Email, the object supported is Sent_Email_vod__c (API name) with supported fields: Account_vod__c, Approved_Email_Template_vod__c (optional), Email_Fragments_vod__c (optional). 

    Currently, only one account per email is supported via the Smart Linking method. 

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    Synesis for You - veeva support

    Hi Erta,

    Thank you for your answer! We successfully managed to get the Approved Email from the report.

    We would like to share some details.

    • If you want to use multiple fragments, the field has to be populated as a comma-separated-list of IDs:
      configObject.fields.Email_Fragments_vod__c = Fragments.join(',');
    • Remember to enable and assign to end users the MyInsights_vod record type for object Sent Email

    Also, we would like to suggest to improve the provided documentation for the newRecord method, in order to better address developers to this function when they are looking for Approved Email functions.

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    Erta Muca

    Great to hear it's implemented. Thank you for the feedback. We'll be including the example for Approved Email in our future developer documentation updates.

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