Add more fields to iRep Account Plan Page


We need the Account Plan Page to display more fields. There are enough white space to put at least 3 text fields in the iReps Account Plan Page. 

For now only Account Plan Name, Progress bar, Status. We need more fields for users to understand which Account Plan it is. 



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    Arpad Laczkovszki Official comment

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the suggestion, we are looking at ways to enhance the Account Plan list and would be great if you could share a few more details about your use case. Do you have an example for how many Account Plans would make up the full list in your use case and what would make it easier to find a specific one?



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    Peter Lim

    Hi Arpad, 


    Please refere to Veeva Ticket: #441061.

    Our Account Plan using Auto Number as the Name dure to some compliance issue(no free text field allowed for users).

    So the Initiative like below. 

    We need more fields to display the Account Plan information. 

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