Support Both Hyperlinks and Zoom Capabilities in CLM PPT/PDF Files

We would like to have the ability to have both hyperlinked and zoom capabilities enabled CLM content (highest priority for PPT and PDF files, although all other filetype support would also be nice). 

When we have a set of posters grouped together from a scientific conference, we like to package them together and provide a table of contents with hyperlinks to the relevant posters. The posters are intended to be large wall-sized presentations, so when displayed via iPad, the zoom function is essential to read/see the contents. 

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    Yifan Liu Official comment

    Hi Angela,

    Thank you for this suggestion. We currently already support links in CLM content that's converted from a PowerPoint deck. We are investigating the possibility of this for PDF's as well.

    For zoom capabilities, we already support zooming in PDF's, and also in CLM slides that are converted from a PowerPoint deck. Can you provide a bit more information on this part? Is it currently not working for your CLM content?


    Thank you!


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