CLM Ability to Adjust Water Mark

It would be awesome to be able to adjust the watermark for CLM "Training". 


1) Ability to adjust the position of the text 

2) Ability to adjust the alignment (hrizontal vs vertical vs diagonal) 

3) Ability to adjust size of text and shading

4) Ability to adjust font 




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    Yifan Liu Official comment

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for this suggestion. Can you provide us with some examples of why you'd like the ability to adjust the Training watermark? 


    Thank you!


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    Sam Lee

    When we publish materials so they are accessible as a CLM, the watermark 


    1) water markis too bold, so it draws attention away from the training materials 

    2) I know this is being picky, but it's not centered, it's off to the side 

    3) Since it runs horizontally, it takes away from some of the material, if we could have this vertical or diagonal at an angle, it would be less rigid on the page visually 

    4) Sometimes when the material and the watermark color are the same, some users have a hard time seeing if it's the watermark or the data 

    5) Once again this is being picky, but if the watermark is in a font that's way different from the training material, it takes away from the training material 

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