Ability to add token fields to report names or descriptions


I'd like to request the ability to add tokens (e.g. ${studyName}) to report names and/or descriptions.  The use case would be for when end-users extract reports as pdf. 

When a report is extracted as a pdf, it has a cover page with the report name and description.  Adding a token would give this report name greater flexibility.

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    Graham G

    Hi Colin - thanks for letting us know this enhancement would be useful for you. The best you can do currently is exposing the filters for the report on the PDF cover page by adding the filters token. In 20R1 we are planning to introduce a feature called Excel Templates that will allow you to have a similar coverpage for excel exports. This will have more flexibility if you create your own template. For example, you might be able to parse the filter field with a formula and concatenate it with report name field.

    Best regards, Graham

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