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Change Workflow Owner



  • Paul Kim

    If a user leaves our company and had active workflows, deactivating their account would not allow the workflow to complete. An admin would need to cancel the workflow and have another user restart the workflow again, which is inefficient especially if there were multiple approvals already completed. Or the other option would be to wait for the workflow to complete before deactivating the user's account, which not acceptable due security risk of keeping the account open.

    Some of our documents go through multiple workflows, where the Owner of the document doesn't start the workflow, and it would be very useful for some of our document processes if the user in the Owner role could have workflow owner permissions, like cancelling someone else's workflow. Customizing the Permission Set for the Workflow Administration Vault action is not the solution because we don't want user to have workflow owner permissions on all document types that they access to.

    So I also would like this enhancement of being able to replace the workflow owner on an active workflow to another user, like the Owner, if the Owner is not the workflow owner.

  • Kirsten Moe

    Adding another vote for this feature.

  • Ananya-Kumar Sahoo

    I too vote in favor of this.

  • Somnath Matere

    I too vote for this feature in future.

  • John Choo

    I too vote for this feature


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