Resend Sample Signature receipt email

Is there a way to resend a sample signature receipt email, including a picture of the signature?

Upon request of the customer, we should be able to resend the sample receipt email that was sent at sample drop.





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    Nishant Bafna Official comment

    Hi Gregory,

    Thank you for providing your business case.

    #1 is the most common case that we have heard from other customers as well and as I mentioned previously this is on our roadmap.

    For #2, do you need to email the auditors the email? That wouldnt be 'resend'. Today, we stamp the entire HTML of the outgoing email in the field Email_Content_vod on Sent_Email_vod object, so you can provide that to the auditors.



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    Nishant Bafna

    Hi Gregory,

    Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the enhancement request.

    The ability to resend receipt emails is on our roadmap but we dont have a targeted release date for it.

    Is this request being reported by your reps (upon request from HCPs) or is this something the IT team wants? If this is from the HCPs - did they not receive the first email and that is why they want it resent or the email address in the first email was incorrect and now the rep wants to resend it to the right email address?




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    Gregory Van Keirsbilck

    Thanks Nishant,


    Our business request is twofold:

    - The ability to resend the email to the customer in case an incorrect email address was provided

    - The ability to provide copies of a customer email, including visual signature, to auditors




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