Real time integration (search from external system)

If there is a business requirement to get a real time data from the external system instead of loading the data as Object record in Vault - what are the options to achieve this in Veeva Vault?

-e.g. search a supplier number (data will be a real time response from another external system)

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    Andrew Chapman

    We can launch an external integration to display a data entry form and pull data from the external source for selection but it is always going to be lower performance than selecting in Vault (and loses other capabilities like in place editing). You would probably be better having a real time push of updates into Vault from your external system. That way the reference data (Supplier Number is likely to have supporting information like Supplier Name, Preferred Supplier Status, Capabilities) stays in sync and is treated as object references rather than simple text data. That makes it a lot better to filter, search and report on. 

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