Vinsights - Retiring Dates

Can you let me know the timeline of VInsights retiring dates and plan for it from Veeva?



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    Erta Muca Official comment
    Hi Janaka,
    Veeva does not currently have plans to retire the VInsights reporting capabilities. 
    VInsights is actually an older term for the sales data reporting capability that we have in Veeva CRM.  We renamed it a few years ago and all references to it in our online documentation is under the name MyInsights Fixed Reporting.  
    In addition to the Fixed Reporting, we have also introduced new reporting capabilities that allow you to create dynamic customized visualizations with MyInsights. You can find more information about all the reporting capabilities we support on this page: https://crmhelp.veeva.com/doc/Content/CRM_topics/My_Insights/MyInsights%20Overview/Overview.htm.
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