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Hi community,


How to remove the Parent Account Salesforce field automatically added on all business account page layout ?


Thank you.

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    Jeff R Official comment

    Hi Jerome,

    The Parent Account Wizard allows users to create an account, associate a parent account, designate an affiliation, and select addresses from the list of active parent account addresses.

    To disable the Parent Account Wizard for a record type, list the appropriate Account Record Type(s) in the DISABLE_PARENT_WIZARD_ACCT_TYPES_vod Veeva setting in a comma delimited list.

    • Record type values entered should reflect the record type label. For example, Hospital_vod
    • The values entered are limited to a total of 255 characters, including spaces and returns

    See: https://crmhelp.veeva.com/doc/Content/CRM_topics/Accounts/Using%20Accounts/Parent_Account_Wizard.htm

    If you need and additional assistance, please open Support Ticket and we can assist.




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