Include 'Document Roles' object_type in "Vault Loader: Extract"

We were trying to extract the 'Owner' role information of multiple documents. But we could see the object_type 'Document Roles' in "Vault Loader: Load", but not in the "Vault Loader: Extract". It would be good, if that object_type was added. 

Please refer Ticket# 500982 for more details. 


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    Leo Lau Official comment

    Hi Hariharan,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We do have bulk extract of document roles on our backlog. We will consider this for future enhancements.



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    Hariharan Mani

    Adding 'owner__v' to be supported in "Vault Loader: Extract" when we the use the object_type 'Documents' could also be helpful as an alternative.

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