Replicating Report Output via API

In my vault I have a list report created with a report type of Product Batch (PQE) with Quality Event (QE parent). It has five columns, PQE Name, PQE Batch Number, QE Name, QE Lifecycle State, QE Type.

When I run the report I get 

PQE-12345 ABCDEFDGH QE-000001 Closed Change Control

for values.

I am trying to develop an API that would do the same thing but I am getting

PQE-12345 ABCDEFDGH QE-000001 'closed_state__c' 'OOT123456789'

this is the query I am passing

select id, quality_event__qdmr.name__v, batch__qdmr.name__v, quality_event__qdmr.state__v, quality_event__qdmr.object_type__v from product_quality_event__qdm

I would really like to get 'Change Control' instead of the alphanumeric string. Is that even possible?



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