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I have document that was created in version 3.0, which is not correct passing versions on etc. I would like to have as VO opportunity to change the versioning of created documents and major version. I don't want to enable migration mode all the time and use loader in such case. Just have a VO power for editing the versions on documents. Lock them and set it in appropriate way. Now we need to delete the document and start over again which is time consuming.



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    Adam McMillan

    Hey Radoslaw,

    Not sure I'm quite following this. Even when in migration mode, you can't change the version number for an existing document version, right? 

    Can you please elaborate a little on what process you were following here.

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    Radoslaw Nocon

    Hi Adam,

    In migration mode it is possible but require us to raise Veeva tickets in order to do it (time-consuming). We would like to have super power for Vault Owner to edit any versions on already created document in system, we had a case of document that was uploaded in version 3.0 and moved up to version 6.0. So finally Business Admins had to delete the document and start over again the whole process. 

    Thank you,


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    Shawn Heuchan

    I have a similar situation where over 250 documents were bulk uploaded with Approved status with version 0.1.  I have not been able to update them even with migration mode on.  It will require a temporary config change which is a huge deal/issue when dealing with a validated system.  I whole-heartedly support this change request!

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