Prevent Major Versioning on Periodic Review

Would be nice to prevent a document from updating it's major version (ex 1.0 to 2.0) if during periodic review (or any workflow type) it is determined it can stay in use.  If we had a way to put a condition on versioning based on the workflow it was approved in that could be useful. End users seem to get confused when they review a document, determine it's fine to continue using as is (no changes) and then seeing it update to version 2.0 when nothing changed.

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    Adam McMillan

    Hey Charlie

    Something I used to do in my configurations was to put a condition on the "Set new major version number" entry action, so that it would only run if the minor version number did not equal 0.

    If minor version equals 0, such as v1.0, and the doc was re-entering approved status, then that would indicate to me that it was just coming from periodical review, rather than approving a brand new version.

    In the Quality world, however, they're more on board with the idea of never moving the doc out of the steady state, even during periodic review, because moving a doc between states is technically a change to its metadata, and can cause issues with integrations that are only looking for steady state documents.

    Just a couple of things to consider!

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