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If someone with one profile (e.g. MSL) completes a survey with a HCP professional customer, how can I restrict/control that the Sales Rep who covers that same brick/customer cannot see the survey responses in the professional's account.  Is it possible?Regards




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    Sasha Grosman Official comment

    Hi Jill,

    One option is to make the Survey Target records for that specific record type private. Doing so will allow only the Survey Target owner (in your case, the MSL who filled it out) and the people above them in in the hierarchy (following standard SFDC sharing rules) to see the records and the responses.

    There are important considerations to make before making this change:

    • Consider how the survey target records are being created and who the owner is at the time
    • Consider other uses cases where you may want to the org wide sharing to be public. For example, where inside sales reps complete a survey target about an HCP and the field rep wants to see the responses
    • Consider who needs to access the data to create aggregate reports

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Sasha Grosman
    Product Manager, CRM

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    Jill Jackling

    Hi Sasha, thanks for your speedy response.  In your first sentence you refer to making the survey target record private - how do we do that (so that only the person who filled out the survey can see the responses).

    For more info.  We have created a survey which is available to all, but only the MSLs will use it with their customers.  The MSLs can select who they do the survey with.  We (admin) will want to be able to see all the survey data so we can create aggregate reports. 

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    Sasha Grosman

    Regarding setting the record type as private, this is a Salesforce function. You can set the Survey Target object to private using Org Wide Sharing Settings. Then use Sharing Rules to create any exceptions where necessary.

    You can learn more about it from the SFDC Documentation on Sharing Settings here.

    Separately, if your MSLs are in a separate territory, you can look at using the territory selector feature to prevent other users from creating survey targets for this particular survey.

    That is documented here under "Territory Selector".



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    Jill Jackling

    Hi Sasha, I looked at the two articles you hyperlinked to, but wasn't able to make much sense.  The customer (HCPs) are on shared territories between SalesRep and MSL, and it is only the MSL who will complete the survey (it is not important if the SalesRep write access to complete a survey because they will be trained not to use it).  However,  it is only the MSL who we wish to be able to see the survey results within the customer account card.   Is it possible to lock down the results on the customer record?

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    Sasha Grosman

    Hi Jill,

    Given that your MSLs and Sales Reps share territories, you have the option of making the Survey Target object private.

    Making the Survey Target object private will restrict visibility of the records to the record owner (the MSL who filled it out) and those users who are able to see the MSLs records (via SFDC visibility rules).

    For example:

    1. An MSL fills out a Survey Target against Dr. Ackerman
    2. A Rep is also aligned to the same territory and has visibility to Dr. Ackerman
    3. The MSL, and all users above the MSL via hierarchy, will see the Survey Target
    4. The Rep (since they are not above the MSL via any heirarchy, will not see that specific Survey Target record

    Note: in this setup, the reverse is also true. If the Rep fills out a Survey Target against Dr. Ackerman the MSL will not see it.

    I found a few more SFDC articles that will be able to help setting up private org-wide-sharing rules on the Survey Target object:

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