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MyInsights - support custom objects for method newRecord

Not planned



  • Official comment
    Erta Muca

    Hi Martin,

    Could you provide us with some use cases and examples on how you would use this for the MyInsights pages you are creating? We want to understand how the capability would fit MyInsights.

    Thank you,



  • Martin Kopecky

    Hi Erta,

    We developed our own MyInsight page, which has better overview of HCP interactions. We overrided the classic HCP page on iPad.

    From this page we would like to create records for custom objects, which is not supported right now on MyInsights Page.


    Thank you,


  • Martin Kopecky

    Hi Erta,

    Same as newRecord Method for Custom Objects would it be possible create new Method "editRecord". So edit page of record will be appeared automatically after clicking on the button.

    I have several use cases, where I can use it.

    Thank you


  • Veeva Support

    Hi Erta,

    in a custom MyInisghts report for Account Plans, our Customer wants us to display a table where the rows are represented by Key stakeholders and the columns are Product catalogs.

    The values in the cells are a property of a product metric, connecting the two.
    These values are visually represented as traffic lights, where red is "Not good", yellow is "Neutral" and green is "Good"

    What we would need to be able to do is allowing the Sales rep using the report to change the status of these product metrics.
    So basically a method like updateRecord or editRecord in order to update the property of the edited product metric would be great to have.

    I'm quite new to the Veeva system, but as far as is can see in the documentations, the CRM API in the context of a CLM Presentation is already able to do this.

    I thought this would not be included in the MyInsights JS library as it is supposed to be a report, which traditionally is only responsible for displaying data. Though I think it would be a nice addition, and in our case, being able to update records is a must have for our customer.
    Smart linking is not always an option as it by opening the native dialogues, kind of leaves the context of the report, which raised UX concerns for our customer.

    Hope that helps and thanks for consideration,


  • Ben Thomas

    Hello Martin, Freddy, 

    Starting in 20R1, MyInsights pages can now create and update records from any object, including custom objects! Please see the following page for more information:




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