iRep app "Login as" for Local Admins

Hello all,

We have received a request from our Local Admin community regarding enabling of the "Login as" for the iRep application.

The story behind: it is really difficult to troubleshoot specific issues around assignments, MCCP and other areas since many reps only work in the iRep environment while Local Admins in a web-based one. Often issues are not reproducible and remote calls with a particular rep really difficult to achieve due to the matter of the field force daily business.

Desired solution: Supporting users fast and obligingly would be much easier if there was a possibility to log in as a different user on the iRep client (or simulating the users view of his/her iRep version in a browser-based support version) without the necessity of sharing users' passwords.

Thanks a lot,



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    Tiago Caria

    Agree  👍


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    Roger Wetherall

    This would definitely be a useful feature to be able to troubleshoot issues and be able to see what the rep is seeing without having to get onto a remote web-sharing session

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    Gregory Van Keirsbilck

    Also agree

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    Maureen Labuda

    This would be a valuable feature!

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    Gabriela Todorova

    Does anyone know what is Veeva's vision on this suggestion/idea? Is there any workaround?

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