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    Aaron E

    Hello John,

    This account was added for 19R2 and should not be attempted to be edited or used for other purposes as it is strictly for Vault features.

    What's New in Vault 19R2 Release Documentation: Application Owner User

    In addition Clinical Vaults will have a Clinical Network user that should also not be used.


    Thank you,




  • John Choo

    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for the information.


  • Geert Jilesen

    Hi Aaron,

    (Thank you Johnny to notify us on this additional account)

    I'm concerned about this account.

    It is a basic account with Vault Owner rights. We have no active basic accounts in our Vault due to risk management (only SSO, which requires a company device to login).

    We now have this new basic account with elevated access that we cannot manage ourselves .

    The information provided in the release notes is limited.

    Could you please further explain how this account is managed and how it is made sure that this basic account cannot be hacked?




  • David Mills

    Hi John and Geert

    This account is managed exclusively by the Vault Platform. 

    Although the user shows as using the basic policy, there is no password. There is no way to log in as this user. Authentication as, use of and editing of this user is restricted to the Vault application enabled in the Vault. This behavior was rigorously tested via our SQA process as part of the 19R2 release.



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